Emergent Response

Revamping our Emergent Response/Support Endeavors has been challenging. Working with key organizations we are very proud to release our unique support program in 2016. Stay tuned as we begin to recruit for these unique services on a local and regional level.

Specialized Training

Saving a life does not start when trained personnel arrive to the emergency scene, it begins in the classroom. Rescue Squads throughout the nation understand this crucial component of the lifesaving chain. Education on both a Professional and Community Level is imperative to increase the percentage of survival.

We too share the same vision of our sister agencies by implementing a community education program and setting internal standards for membership training, but we have gone the extra mile. North Plainfield Rescue Squad, INC has successfully achieved national approval as a Training Facility and is currently able to provide nationally recognized certifications for countless of programs.

Public Responsibility

“When the community doesn’t come to you, you must go into the community”- Captain Lee

Yes, that was us! You may have seen a tremendous increase of community outreach this past year, from Health Fairs, School Visits, Emergency Services Conventions, Training Seminars, and much more. Under the Direction of our enthusiastic Leadership we have been very busy not only promoting our internal projects, but establishing ongoing working relationships with other similar organizations.

With our new building expansion project, we look forward to hosting events, sessions, and seminars to not only work with the community on a broad spectrum, but to work with families individually.

Please keep us in mind for all your future events!

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